Get more out of your Embarcadero products

Expand your Delphi & C++ Builder IDE with a variety of components for 3D games or applications. But retain the power of the Firemonkey framework.

A design and run time library to suit your needs. Whether hobbiest, student, enthusiast or professional developer, we’re providing the tools you will need.

Platform Independent

Windows & Android Support

We do support Windows and Android platforms for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit.

A single code base to develop your project.



Gorilla3D is compatible with Delphi 10.1.1 – 12.0.0 & C++ Builder 11.3 – 12.0.

If you don’t have any installed IDE yet, you can start with the Community Editions for Delphi and C++ Builder here.



Rendering Pipeline

Expand our rendering pipeline easily with component based render passes for pre- or post rendering

Design shaders in the IDE with PostFX component or directly in the materials

Weighted Blended Order Independent Transparency Rendering

Fog-Rendering, Color Management & Tonemapping

FXAA (Fast Anti-Aliasing), Bloom & Realtime Global Illumination (Beta), Frustum-Culling

Models & Animations

Import models from popular file formats like FBX, DAE, GLTF/GLB, OBJ, STL, PLY and more

Skin-, Skeleton- or Vertex-Animations with performance optimization

Unified background structure to work the same with all file formats

Instancing & Static Mesh Support

GPU Cachable Animations

Large Set of Materials

Materials for Physically Based Rendering, Parallax Occlusion Mapping, Normal Mapping, Splat Mapping, Rim Lighting and more

Expandable and configurable at design time

Node based structure with expandable material behaviours for wind, caustics, color management and more

All materials inherited from a single base component controllable by defines

Q3 Physics System

Embedded physics system for asynchronous computation

Colliders for boxes, spheres, capsules, meshes or terrains

Joints & Motors available

Physics particle supported

Element Grouping

Configurable at design time

FMOD Audio Manager

Use the power of the FMOD library fully embedded into our framework

DSP effects

3D sound positions


Automatically playback sounds at certain states with the Audio Manager Controller

Dialogue, Inventory & Skill-System

Design dialogues & inventory visually in the IDE

Multi character and multiple choice dialogues

Controllable events

Inventory with grouping, crafting and grading mechanism

Inventory items with images

Skill system with leveling mechanism & hierarchy structure

Volumetric Mesh

Render 3D textures / data

Well suited for medical or other professional applications

Multiple shading models available

Gamut rendering with different computation modes

Surface-Detection & Overlay-Texturing

Game Components

CubeMap/Procedural SkyBox, Terrain & Particles System

Character Controllers: First Person / Third Person & Physics Character Controller

Low level high performance Input-Controller for mouse, keyboard and gamepad

Trigger Points Manager

Prefab Management

Gorilla Script

Write scripts in Delphi syntax

Platform independent byte code

Compatible with FMX and Gorilla3D components

Support for classes, interfaces, records, enums, sets, if/case/loop statements

Script callback on FMX component events

Well suited for UI controlling

Assets Package Manager

Save & load assets from zip archive

Multiple packages managable

Easy deployment

Include models, audio, video, images, dialogues, inventories, prefabs and more

Linkable at design and runtime

Assets Store + Sketchfab Plugin

Embed models from our assets store

Embed models from Sketchfab platform by our browser

Binary storage in formular *.fmx file

IDE Editors

Viewport WYSIWYG editor

Terrain Generator & Planting Tool

Assets Package Manager

Dialogue & Inventory Designer

Animation Transition Editor

Shader Design



Check out our official documentation which explanations to every topic, source code examples and helpful tips in using our framework.



Customer Portalhttps://my.gorilla3d.de
Download-Area with packages, pre-compiled demos & toolshttps://gorilla3d.de/files
Gitlab repository with demos & toolshttps://gitlab.com/diggets/gorilla3d
Github repository with open source projectshttps://github.com/fcknbstrd

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Free Developer & Commercial Editions

The road to success is never easy. Every new project comes with its own challenges and uncertainties.

That’s why we offer a free Developer Edition that lets you explore all the possibilities without any limitations.

Once you’re ready to take your product to the next level, we offer two commercial licensing options to meet your needs.

The BASIC PACKAGE includes core functionality and basic components, while the GAME PACKAGE gives you the full feature set to create truly immersive and engaging experiences.

Developer Edition

Perfectly suited for small indie developers and enthusiasts

Only when you’re ready to publish your project you will need a commercial license

Visual & hardcoded watermarks

Max. 5 developers in your team

Allowed only for development purposes

Not allowed to release or publish anything

No limitation to functionality

No limitation to the number of projects

♥ Download For Free ♥


No watermarks

Allowed to publish & sell your projects

1 license restricted to 1 machine

No limitation to the number of projects

Buy once – Keep it forever

Not allowed to sell our framework or parts of the source code

Viewport & Component Based Rendering Pipeline incl. Weighted Blended Order Independent Transparency (WBOIT)

Multiple-Render Targets, New Texture-Types & Texture-Formats

Mesh-, FBO- and Uniform-Buffers

Fog-Rendering, Bloom/Emissive Blur, FXAA (Fast Anti-Aliasing), Frustum-Culling

TGorillaModel & TGorillaMesh with instancing and static mesh support

Optimized primitive, skybox & camera + light components

BVH Support for optimized raycasting

Prefab-Management & Assets Package Management

Materials: Lambert, Phong, Blinn-Phong, Normal-Mapping, Layered-Material, Vertex-Color, PBR, POM

Volumetric Mesh Rendering

Render-Passes for PostFX, Reflections, Refraction, Blur, Depth, Environment


No watermarks

Allowed to publish & sell your projects

1 license restricted to 1 machine

No limitation to the number of projects

Buy once – Keep it forever

Not allowed to sell our framework or parts of the source code

All features of the BASIC PACKAGE

FMOD Audio Support for different file formats (mp3, ogg, aiff, …), 3D positioning, dsp effects & sound/channel-groups

Particle System with asynchronous emitter, influencers and particle material

Q3 Physics System with colliders, joints, motors and collision detection events

More Materials: SplatMaps, Terrain-Levels, Grass and Water-Material

GorillaScript Engine for writing scripts in Delphi syntax

Game Development Components

Input Controller for mouse, keyboard and gamepad + Virtual Gamepad

Terrain, ModelAssembler and Pathfinding components

Character Controllers for First-Person, Third-Person & Physics Character Controlling

Animation-Controller, Audio-Manager Controller & Trigger Points Manager

Dialogue, Inventory and Skill-System

FlowChart components

Bokeh / Depth Of Field component

Real-Time Global Illumination (Beta)

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