Gorilla3D v1.1.0 Released for Delphi & C++ Builder 12.1

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We are excited to announce the release of Gorilla3D v1.1.0 for Delphi & C++ Builder 12.1.

This is a maintenance release primarly focusing on the Delphi / C++ Builder 12.1 release, but also includes a number of bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improved bounding box management for complex hierarchies
  • Object/Triangle picking (read more: https://docs.gorilla3d.de/1.1.0/picking)
  • Wind effect
  • FMOD 3D SoundItem fixes for multiple playback and in-memory playback from asset

This is a minor release, and as such, it is not a complete rewrite of the Gorilla3D engine.

However, it does include a number of significant improvements that will make it easier for developers to create stunning 3D applications with Delphi & C++ Builder.

Manual Download: https://gorilla3d.de/files/?dir=packages/12.1.0

Installer-Tool: https://gorilla3d.de/download/Gorilla3DInstaller.zip

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