Gorilla3D Powering Innovation in Material Analysis with SIOmec’s FilmDoctor

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We were thrilled to see Gorilla3D mentioned in a recent blog post by our partner, SIOmec, regarding their exciting new software, FilmDoctor!

Their “Tomographic View” tool utilizes Gorilla3D’s capabilities to create a groundbreaking visualization experience for material analysis.

This innovative view allows users to see deep within complex materials, similar to how an airport scanner or MRI machine operates.

Interesting features, like defects, are brought to the forefront while less relevant areas are made transparent.

SIOmec has taken this a step further by including customization options, empowering users to personalize the visualization for their specific needs.

This collaboration between SIOmec and Gorilla3D demonstrates the power of our 3D framework in creating unique and valuable solutions.

With Gorilla3D, developers can build immersive and informative experiences, like feeling like a medical professional examining an MRI scan, all within the realm of material analysis!

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sio-post-65-new-tomographic-view-filmdoctor-norbert-schwarzer-f6nxe/

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