Version 1.1 Released

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We’re happy to announce Gorilla 3D Release 1.1!

Many bugfixes and great features waiting for you to be explored.

  • Delphi & C++ Builder 12.0 Support
  • Fixed issues with AMD GPUs
  • Material Behaviours (Wind, Rim-Lighting, Wobble or Color Management)
  • Q3 Physics Joints (Spring, Fixed, Hinge, Magnet, Buoyance, …)
  • FMOD Audio Manager with IDE Designtime support
  • Refactored Prefab System
  • Refactored Particles System
  • GorillaScript with “Exit” & “Halt” statement
  • Fixed tangent issues on Gorilla3D primitives
  • Cachable FBX animations
  • Diagnostics feature in TGorillaViewport
  • Refactored Sketchfab Plugin

We’ve also updated the documentation with the latest modifications:


Download the latest package and install manually here:


Or use our installer:


Dragon Gate Inn with Neon (CC-BY-4.0)


Author: daydev (https://sketchfab.com/daydev)

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