Gorilla3D @ C++ Builder 11.3

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Lately we gave Embarcadero’s C++ Builder 11.3 Community Editon a try on Gorilla3D 1.1

After some fixed issues with the TGUID type, we’re glad the framework also works fine on C++ helper.

This expands our community by 2! We’re happy to welcome every who prefers C++ instead of Delphi.

Our Gorilla3D Installer is now also able to handle C++ Builder installation for you:


But of course you can give it a try on yourself. We wrote down some instructions here:


Latest Package:


“DeLorean DMC12 || Retro wave art” (https://skfb.ly/oMEBu) by dark_igorek is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

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